Șag Commune



Şag (Temesság in Hungarian) is a commune in the Timiş county, Banat, Romania, formed only from the seat village with the same name and bordering Timișoara on the north, Giroc on the east, Pădureni on the southeast, Parța on the southwest, Sânmihaiu Român on the northwest.

The Șag commune belongs to the plain area, in the suburban area of the ​​Timișoara municipality, at a distance of 14 km from it on DN 59 and on the 922 Timișoara – Reșița railway. The commune is situated on the right bank of the Timiş river.

The average altitude is 85 – 90 m, the relief being flat. The river Timiş is embanked on both banks on the territory of the commune.

The Șag commune is part of the typology of rural localities with mixed activities, agriculture and industry, and the location on the banks of the Timiş river has allowed the development of tourism and recreational activities.

The commune benefits from the 5 km long water network, 13 km long gas network, digital telephone network.

The total length of the streets is 18 km, of which 4 km are paved with asphalt and the rest with stone. The road that connects the commune and DJ Timișoara – Foieni is also asphalted, for 1 km.

In the commune there are a school, a kindergarten, a human dispensary with 2 doctors and a dentist, a veterinary dispensary, a police station.

Within the commune there are 4 churches belonging to the Romanian Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Pentecostal religion and the Baptist religion.

According to the census carried out in 2011, the population of the Şag commune amounts to 3,009 inhabitants, increasing from the previous census in 2002, when there were 2,754 inhabitants. Most of the inhabitants are Romanians (82.98%). The main minorities are Hungarians (9.01%) and Germans (1.96%). For 4.12% of the population, the ethnicity is unknown. From the confessional point of view, most of the inhabitants are Orthodox (75.34%), but there are also Roman Catholic (13.19%), Pentecostal (3.12%), and Greek Catholic (1.06%) minorities. For 4.32% of the population, the confessional membership is unknown.