Remetea Mare Commune

Remetea Mare is a commune in the Timiș county, Banat, Romania, consisting of the villages of Ianova and Remetea Mare (seat). It is located in the Timiş plain, on the Bega Canal.

Traces of some dwellings dating back to the first Iron Age (Hallstadt, about 1200-300 BC) were found on the village territory.

The REMETEA MARE commune is located on DN 6 Timișoara-Lugoj and includes the localities of Remetea Mare and Ianova.

It is bordered by the communes of Ghiroda, Giarmata, Pişchia, Recaş and Bucovăţ.

The commune stretches over an area of ​​5815 ha out of which 4538 ha are arable land outside the locality, 1670 ha in the area of Remetea Mare, 2868 ha in the area of Ianova, 369 ha of land inside the locality, of which 193 ha Remetea Mare and 176 ha Ianova. The pasture covers an area of ​​633.27 ha and the forest has a total of 270.79 ha.

The distance between Remetea Mare and Ianova is 7 km.

The communication routes are provided by DN 6 and the R 10 railway line, there are 8 bus stations in the commune area.

The Remetea Mare locality was documentarily mentioned in 1476 although the settlement is much older. Between 1723 and 1725 the existence of two domains, out of which one belonging to the Ambrozy family, was recorded. In 1820 the Ambrozy castle was built, and later became the ”Privighetoarea Banatului” (Banat Nightingale) inn.

According to the census carried out in 2011, the population of the Remetea Mare commune amounts to 2,302 inhabitants, increasing compared to the previous census in 2002 when there were 2.111 inhabitants. Most of the inhabitants are Romanian (92.18%), with a minority of Hungarians (1.39%). For 5.73% of the population, the ethnicity is unknown. From the confessional point of view, most of the inhabitants are Orthodox (86.4%), but Roman Catholic (3.34%) and Pentecostal minorities (2.65%) also exist. For 5.73% of the population, the confessional membership is unknown.