Orțișoara Commune


Orţişoara is a commune in the Timiş county, Banat, Romania, consisting of the Călacea, Corneşti, Orţişoara (seat) and Seceani villages. It is located in the northern part of the Timiș county, 28 km from Arad and 24 km from Timisoara. It is crossed by DN69.

The locality was documentarily mentioned in 1647, and between 1783 and 1785 it was colonized with Saxon families.

In the years 1784 and 1785 there were various names for this locality that were mentioned in the documents. It was only in the second half of 1785 that the name „Orczydorf” appeared. The one who gave it the name was Baron Ladislau Orczy, who at the time of the colonization was the president of the Timișoara chamber administration.

The locality retained the name „Orczydorf” („Orczyfalva” in Hungarian) until the First World War. After the establishment of the Romanian administration, for a few years, Orczydorf had the official name of „Cocota” [comparing with the Serbian word kokot = rooster]. On April 5th, 1928 the communal council requested the return to the name of Orczidorf, with an approved request in the sense that in 1929 the locality was given the name of Ortişoara.

According to the census carried out in 2011, the population of the Orțișoara commune amounts to 4,190 inhabitants, increasing compared to the previous census in 2002, when there were 4,080 inhabitants. Most of the inhabitants are Romanian (90.05%), with a minority of Hungarians (2.41%). For 5.68% of the population, the ethnicity is unknown. From the confessional point of view, most of the inhabitants are Orthodox (77.21%), but there are also minorities of Pentecostals (9.33%), Roman Catholics (4.27%) and Greek Catholics (1.43%). For 5.97% of the population, the confessional membership is unknown.