Economic Advisory Council


The Advisory Council was set up at the initiative of the Timișoara City Hall in 2009, aspart of the project for the Masterplan of the city. According to the views expressed by theparticipants in the start-up meeting, the Council's permanence was decided beyond the projectthat generated it.

Being a permanent, independent body with an advisory role, the Timișoara EconomicConsultative Council (ECC/ CCE) aims to actively contribute to the organizational chart ofimplementing the development strategy of the Timişoara Growth Pole, through counselling,mediation and active promotion.

Furthermore, the Economic Consultative Council aims to provide recommendations andsuggestions to the Timișoara City Hall, Timișoara Local Council and other local authoritieson the following subjects:

  • Stimulating economic activity in Timișoara;
  • Developing various fields of activity in Timișoara (services, industry, banking,tourism, etc.);
  • Orientation towards renewable energies and their promotion among investors;
  • Modernization of public transport;
  • Railway transport, implementation of a project on the existence of an urban trainaround the Timișoara municipality;
  • Timișoara metropole – a pilot project, at a national level, to be regulated by a specialdedicated law;
  • Common Metropolitan Development Timișoara-Arad;
  • The General Urban Plan, the vision regarding the city development and the GrowthPole;
  • the socio-economic strategy of the municipality and of the Growth Pole.

The Council also wishes to be a moderator and a catalyst for the discussions on thestrategic development of the Timișoara area, in this sense intending to work with all thepolitical and administrative factors with an active role in setting and implementing strategiesat a local, county or regional level.

The Council and its members have a role to play in improving and accelerating theimplementation of strategies established with the municipality.

Starting with February, 2017, the secretariat of the Economic Consultative Council wastaken over by the „Timișoara Growth Pole” Intercommunity Development Association.